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#BellLetsTalk about the math!

Yesterday we helped to raise some money, not a lot, but every bit counts. We also participated in a global online event that helped to raise awareness. This is not the first time that we have participated in our small … Continue reading

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Roman Numerals

This is the last SuperBowl task, I promise. Work with a friend and try to solve as much as you can. SuperBowl Numbers Enjoy!

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Do you know the score?

The Big Game is almost here, only 6 more days.  Do you think you can predict the final of the game? 1. Make a prediction. 2. Check out this link here Link now! 3. Read and Complete 1-7. We can … Continue reading

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Another pattern based problem

Explain your answers! POTW Here is the solution to the last problem you tackled, were you right? Were you close? If not, where did you go wrong? solution

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Text Neck! Do you have it???

Some more yummy math today.

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Half-Time Show ….. Math!

Let’s begin by watching a Halftime Show. Enjoy Bruno Mars from last year. Great show, how much fun is the band having?! Now let’s look into some information and numbers behind this huge event: Halftime Another link that contains some … Continue reading

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Allez au Restaurant

Nous allons étudier comment se comporter dedans une restaurante. J’espère qu’on peut s’amuser un peu. 1. Avec un(e) partenair(e), avec imovie ou voice record pro, creéz un scène qui montre comment faire une reservation.  Une personne sera le maitre d’ … Continue reading

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