Roll up the Rim Continued….

Thanks to all those who are sharing their roll up results with us. Here are a few samples:


With all this data, can you calculate whether or not the experimental probability is matching up with the theoretical probability? Is it lower or higher or on target? How do you know? Post your results as a comment.

Next, consider this question.

What do you think?

And finally, can you calculate the answer to this question? Please use the paper provided.

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4 Responses to Roll up the Rim Continued….

  1. Kate and Haleigh says:

    Most of the results are 1 in 10. Which is more than the theoretical probability which is 1 in 6.

    KD and HR


  2. Emily says:

    9:63 divided by 9= 1:7

    30 divided by 6 = 5 winners


  3. Davrin says:

    I got 2 for 2 roll up the rim wins


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