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Problem of the Week

Give this a try   

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Let’s give this a shot today.  How many US states would fit into Ontario? How can you explain or justify your estimation?  How can you show your thinking? What resources or information do you need to help you?

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Le conditionnel présent

Comment utilisent t-ils le conditionnel présent en cette chanson? Écrivez des nouvelles paroles pour une strophe de cette chanson (en français) en utilisant le conditionnel présent.  Que ferras-tu avec un million de dollars? Des exercices Choisissez quelques exercices pour améliorer … Continue reading

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Pythagorean theorem practice

 Here is your final task, complete this individually please.      NEW LINK (25-05-15) Try this activity with a classmate, you can use something other than shoes. Please be sure to document your learning. Did you know….     Here is … Continue reading

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We are going to start a new habit, one reading response per week.  I will continue to add interesting articles to this flip board magazine.  Your job will be to read at least one article a week and write a … Continue reading

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Pythagoran theorem

Solve and show your work.  Please share your solution with me.  

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A survey for you #BBroncos

Please respond to this anonymous survey to help us improve the Track and Field experience. Survey Link

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