No Coffee Mo Problems!

Mr. Hewett has been without coffee for 5 days!!!!

It is of course for a good cause:

Our Class Blog:

Let’s track how much Mr. Hewett has already saved for the Water Project.

Here are some details to help you out.  Max and I wake up early (5ish), I usually enjoy a cup of coffee while Max enjoys an episode of Curious George (I also enjoy Curious George). I drink one Tassimo Disc worth of coffee at home, purchased from the Sobey’s in Grand Bend (usually).

Processed with Moldiv
Processed with Moldiv

Once I arrive at school I will typically drink one to two more cups of coffee and on the weekends I generally have one or two medium coffees from Tim Hortons.

How much coffee savings can you calculate for the week?  How much money should Mr. Hewett donate at the end of the Water Challenge?

Do you need any more information? Just ask.


  1. You’d have to donate 35.52$ because you didn’t drink around 19 cups of coffee. In one week you’d pay 17.76$. 17.76$x2(for two weeks)=35.52$ in total!


  2. So if Mr hewett has about 3 coffee’s a day and one of them are tassimo the others are maxwell. He’s been off of coffee for 5 days so that 15 coffees. He has 2 maxwells and one tassimo.
    One package of tassimo=10
    one can of maxwell= 1.57
    on cup of maxwell coffee= 27 cents

    So if Mr hewett made 10 cups of maxwell that would be 2 dollars and 70 cents. so that would be around two cans.

    So if Mr hewett mad 5 cups of tassimo he would have to pay ? amount of money. One package is 10 dollars and there’s 16 discs in it he would have to pay 3.10 for 5 discs because each disc is 62 cents.

    That is just 5 days what would be the answer after a week.

    Tassimo would be 4 dollars and 34 cents.
    maxwell would be 3 dollars and 24 cents.
    So in total he would save 7 dollars and 58 cents.


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