I need a Sphero!

Some sphero math today. You need a partner. A sphero.

We are going to learn to code a shape today (start with a square). We are also going to expand our shape’s area by a specific percentage.

Step 1: Find a partner and a sphero.

Step 2: Download the following app on at least one of your devices

Tickle App

Step 3: Familiarize yourself with the app, connect your sphero friend, move him/her about a little bit.

Step 4: Code your sphero to move over a square. Place some painter’s tape on the floor to show the shape.

Step 5: Calculate the area of your square.

Step 6: Code your sphero to travel in a new square that is 30% larger than the original. Calculate the area of the new square.

Step 7: Record a video of your sphero travelling along your shape. Add any calculations and explanations necessary to justify that your new shape is 30% bigger in your video.

Step 8: Post your video to the Padlet shared on Classroom.

Don’t forget to complete the Pear Deck as well, go to Deck the code = tkeup

Everyone needs to complete the Peardeck!






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