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No Coffee Mo Problems!

Mr. Hewett has been without coffee for 5 days!!!! It is of course for a good cause: Our Class Blog: Let’s track how much Mr. Hewett has already saved for the Water Project. Here are some details to help … Continue reading

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Marshmallow Math

Proportional reasoning at its most delicious!   How can you solve this problem? What tools do you need? Here is an early attempt.          Is Density a factor?    Lots of great questions and interesting methods.

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Let’s give this a shot today.  How many US states would fit into Ontario? How can you explain or justify your estimation?  How can you show your thinking? What resources or information do you need to help you?

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Angle hunting

Let’s reintroduce ourselves to different angles by having a digital scavenger hunt.  Please read the following directives very carefully before you begin. You will have 10 minutes to organize, plan and understand everything about this task. Set a timer on … Continue reading

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Mock NHL draft lottery

Here is an idea, can you create a mock draft lottery for the NHL entry draft? The odds are posted here: 2015 Draft Odds Are there any other rules that you need to know? What does the NHL do to hold … Continue reading

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More Fractions!

I have been mining the twitterverse looking for helpful images/tricks of fractions.  Hopefully some will get you thinking or help you better understand a concept.  Check them out. Can you solve the following Lego problems? Task: 1.Think of your favourite … Continue reading

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Yummy Math Questions 5 and 6

// Created with Padlet Please post your thinking here

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