MakerSpace @BCPS

We are looking to start a makerspace here at Brooke Central !  Can you help us collect some supplies so our students can get making?

We are not looking for new or purchased materials.  Recycled materials only, please.

Some materials that you could donate to us:

  • Cereal Boxes
  • String / Yarn / Wire / Scrap Fabric
  • Cups (ex. K-cups or clean yogurt cups )
  • Plastic containers
  • Toothpicks/Popsicle Sticks/Buttons
  • Small Electronics (no longer functioning)
  • Small broken toys (for example wind up cars)
  • Paper Towel Rolls
  • Bottle caps/tabs
  • Magazines

Makerspace materials can help us create cool projects like these:

maker qr

Terracylcle Program 

We are also continuing to collect for terracycle.  Acceptable items include:

  • Lunchable containers
  • Inkjet cartridges
  • Smart/Cell phones

This program helps to raise money for our school and to protect our environment.

For more info check out their site.