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Solving equations – #hfi78

A quick review video if you are having difficulties. Practice, Practice, Practice….. SolveMe Mobiles – Great for practicing the idea of balancing an equation. Algebra Touch App – Great app to practice solving algebraic expression and equations. Combine Like terms, simplify, eliminate, … Continue reading

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How many Minutes??

A short inquiry investigation today.  We are continuing to use our number sense skills to find answers to real life questions. Today: How many DAYS / HOUR / MINUTES / SECONDS will you spend at school this year? How do … Continue reading

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No Coffee Mo Problems!

Mr. Hewett has been without coffee for 5 days!!!! It is of course for a good cause: https://thewaterproject.org/community/profile/hfi78 Our Class Blog: http://ourh2ochallenge.blogspot.ca/ Let’s track how much Mr. Hewett has already saved for the Water Project. Here are some details to help … Continue reading

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Marshmallow Math

Proportional reasoning at its most delicious!   How can you solve this problem? What tools do you need? Here is an early attempt.          Is Density a factor?    Lots of great questions and interesting methods.

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