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Solving equations – #hfi78

A quick review video if you are having difficulties. Practice, Practice, Practice….. SolveMe Mobiles – Great for practicing the idea of balancing an equation. Algebra Touch App – Great app to practice solving algebraic expression and equations. Combine Like terms, simplify, eliminate, … Continue reading

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Coding a Simulation

Let’s explore some more ideas about probability…. Can we test this law using some coding? ummmm….. probably? Head on over to Scratch or Snap (if you want use your iPad) You are going to try and design a coin flipper…. here are … Continue reading

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Vex Maze Runner Challenge

A Vex Robotics Challenge: Navigate the Vex Field by coding your Robot. Your BB Bot must start on the Green mark in the middle (ish) of the field. Translate your BB Bot to three of the four outer green marks. … Continue reading

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No Coffee Mo Problems!

Mr. Hewett has been without coffee for 5 days!!!! It is of course for a good cause: https://thewaterproject.org/community/profile/hfi78 Our Class Blog: http://ourh2ochallenge.blogspot.ca/ Let’s track how much Mr. Hewett has already saved for the Water Project. Here are some details to help … Continue reading

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Let’s give this a shot today.  How many US states would fit into Ontario? How can you explain or justify your estimation?  How can you show your thinking? What resources or information do you need to help you? http://www.estimation180.com/

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More Fractions!

I have been mining the twitterverse looking for helpful images/tricks of fractions.  Hopefully some will get you thinking or help you better understand a concept.  Check them out. Can you solve the following Lego problems? Task: 1.Think of your favourite … Continue reading

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Yummy Math Questions 5 and 6

//padlet.com/embed/7nyiph9d03xo Created with Padlet Please post your thinking here

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